"Gold is Good" -- Gourd Bowl- B07CKQS7TB

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Production Method:First, the design is drawn onto the gourd with a pencil; second, the gourd is cut with a mini jigsaw into the shape of the rim-to-be; then it is cleaned out (tedious, messy, and toxic from the dust), sanded smooth inside, sealed with liquid acrylic and sanded again; holes are punched to accommodate the sinew for beading; the design is then painted and sealed with either paste wax or acrylic; leather disks are edge-beaded and applied to belly and bottom of the gourd; and last, the rest of the beading of the rim is finished, photographed, described and added to the shop, completing the project.
Width:5 inches
Height:4 inches
Length:5 inches
Material:Gourd, Acrylic, Glass seed beads, Artificial sinew
Finish Type:Textured
Paint Type:Acrylic
Number Of Pieces:1

Gourd bowls are fun to make. Because the top "bulb" was cut off and made into a tree ornament, the bottom's identity changes to that of a unique bowl. Gourds are like people -- each one is unique. Since I'm not one to carve a simple, straight-across opening, it is fun to see how each one emerges. This little pudgy bowl's opening is meant to show you the contents, making it easier to retrieve whatever treasures you cushion on the leather disk inside. The beaded leather disk on the bottom, adds a little weight and style and helps to stabilize the uneven bottom of the gourd. +One-of-a-kind; + Weighs 2.4 oz.; + 5" diameter; +Signed and numbered by artist. This makes a wonderful, unusual gift for a home decor that embraces gold!

"Gold is Good" -- Gourd Bowl- B07CKQS7TB

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